Sunday, 28 December 2014

and so it's begun......

Yep......the seeds are being sown for 2015.....Plotting and Planning has begun!!!

The New Moon showed Her pretty little face on Christmas Eve and since then the need to de-clutter, streamline and get organised for the new year ahead has beckoned.

2014 has been an amazing year I have to say!!! What started out with a definite 'January/February Funk' got kicked (ie up the arse) into touch by my Deerest Suzi. I've been to Dartmoor, my Highlands twice, done a sweatlodge (no words amazing), had wonderful times with Elen Clan, made over 100 sets of Malas (didn't see that coming lol), joined the 'Singing over the Bones' writing course and generally had a very busy but great year.

As always, this time of year gets me a thinking.....what areas in my life do I wish to be rid of? What things do I wish to improve? And what new things do I want to get out there???

My Blog is always a bit of a grey area....I always have the best intentions but never the discipline *hangs head in shame*. So here's me pledging to try again!

I want to post my 'Singing Over the Bones' Journalling/Writing here.....I want to do regular postings about my 'Magical Malas'.....share more Elen musings....and eventually share images and in-depth posting from the 'Oracle of the Antlered Road'.

I cannot promise that my writing will be great, but it will be passionate. 
I cannot promise it will be grammatically correct, but I write quickly when enthused.
And often my tablet or phone causes me to spell badly, you have been warned :) 
So hopefully, if you can over look those couple of foibles then my blogging of 2015 might be of interest.
So I raise a glass (actually its a piece of ice) to 2014, I say a massive thank you to all you've given me and mine. 

2015 I'm coming to getcha!!!!