Monday, 13 July 2015

The Goddess Circle - A Winters Creation ('06/07)

The Circle

So please bear with me regarding this blog.....

This weekend a project has been returned to me, that if I'm honest I'd forgotten about, well not so much forgotten about....but something I'd passed onto a sculptor for its next stage.....lives took over and the next journey never begun.

So over the winter/Imbolc of 2006-2007 I created a circle of 9 very simplistic Goddesses. Once I started one.....the seed for the next one was sown and they just kept flowing. Once completed.....I then found out I was expecting our second child.

Personally I prefer a Deity Statue where 'less is more' not really into faces and that kind of thing. I prefer to be able to visualise those things myself rather than someone elses 'vision' if that makes sense. Theses 'girls' are very raw....they are the first sculpt, the journey and ritual creation. The plan was these were going off to be 'fine tuned' and reproduced in someway.....but alas it never came to here we go, let me just put them here and see what happens :)

The Shroud
The Shroud - Spirit/Circle Centre
She represents that place we all need to go to sometimes, to wrap ourselves in, to recharge our batteries.

I am The Shroud,
Come close, Draw up near.

Your Path is well travelled,
There's nothing to fear.

Snuggle deep in my cloak,
I'll cleanse you anew.

Then when you move on,
Your light will shine through.


Seed - Imbolc
The beginning, the spark, the start of all new life and new ideas. Those first burst of energy we feel after Winters dark.

I am the Start,
The Beginning.

I am the Spark,
The flame in the dark.

I am the stirring,
The quickening.

I am the Seed,
Waiting to grow.

Feel my power,
Beginning to show!


Spring - Ostara
She is Maiden, but ripening. Watching life unfolding in front of Her. New ideas put into plan. The start of things to come.

She is Spring,
She is Eostara.

She is Maiden,
Waiting to become Mother.

She is Seed,
Bursting through the ground.

She is the egg,
Waiting to hatch.

She is the milk,
Waiting to flow.
She is Spring!


Flame - Beltane
She is Lover, ripe and bursting with passion! Full of Life and Creation. A flaming embodiment of sexuality!

My fires of passion,
Spark to life.

My sacral flame,
Burns deep inside.

A fertile blaze,
Between my thighs!


Ebb - Litha
She is the full flow of emotions, where everything starts life from. The journeying river carving out Her Path.

The Oceans water of power and might,
Streams and rivers running bright.

The ebb and flow of emotions pull,
The clouds that rain, I fill them full.

All that flows, starts through me.

Mother - Lammas
The full, ripe and pregnant Great Mother, from where we're all birthed.

Great Mother of us all.
Spiral weaver,
Lady of our Earth.
Spinner of Life,
Giver of birth.


Gaia - Mabon
Mother Earth, Protectress of our Lands. All seeing guardian. Fate weaver.

Mother Earth,
Guardian of our Lands.
All seeing protectress,
Our fate rests in your hands. 


Scry - Samhain
Thinning veil, darker nights, winters beckoning. A time to turn inward, focus and reflect over the passing year. 

All seeing, All knowing,
In my cauldron I stare.

All seeing, all knowing,
Look inward, do I dare? 


Cave - Yule
The place we all start our Journey from.....and the place we all return to.

From me is where you all start,
A small spark in the dark.

From me is where you journey,
A glowing light burning bright.

Back to me is where you return,
A dimming flame waning in.

So there you have I say....not sure where to go with them now.....I feel something needs to be done with them. They weren't for 'me' if that makes sense. They came from that deep channelled place.  So any feedback will be gratefully received.