Friday, 9 March 2012

D is for Daily Practice

Still playing catch up on the Pagan Blog Project.......

But I have a question to put to all the lovely readers of my blog?

Do you have a Daily Practice within your Spiritual path???

Now, when I'm being REALLY good....I have a daily don't get me wrong....I have been on this Path a while, its a wonderful and mysterious and I'm ever learning. All I do with my work, life and faith is as a Priestess of Elen. So weather I'm creating my artwork, weaving words, washing clothes/dishes, helping to raise my kids etc etc Still at my very core is my Spirituality.

But I'm also an all or nothing gal.....a perfectionist about my work....and BUSY! *phew* So and definitely right now my daily practice, as I would like it to be in its 'ideal' form, is pretty rubbish! So would you like to hear what my ideal day sounds like??? Well and remember this is all ideal, and on a good day does happen.....

I wake at 6am, everyone in the house is still a sleep, I sneak downstairs. Kettle goes on and I make myself a Yogi Tea of choice (that current choice being Women's Tea) I then either go into my dining room, light incense and candles at my house altar or head to my workshop at the bottom of my garden and do the same (although in the winter its VERY cold for that). I'm then undisturbed for about 45mins to meditate, chant, sing, journal...whatever comes about that I wish to do, on a spiritual level. My day then starts lovely, I get the hubby off to work, the kids off to school and I then start to work. I have a few hours whilst the youngest is at Preschool and then its normal day stuff when he returns....lunch, cleaning, school run etc etc I would then finish my day by going up to my bedroom, lighting my Gratitude Candle and writing a few words in my Journal...all the things I'm grateful for and then sleep.....aahhhhh zzzzzzzzz.

When this day starts well, I'm set up for the day and generally less stressed. But just recently I cannot get into it.....its the getting up bit that's the prob....and the undisturbed bit four year old is an early riser! So I'm kinda feeling a bit guilty right now....cause it seems SO achievable but seems so far from it. Like I said I still do little things throughout the day, my nods to Elen and my Path. But ^^^ that is the ideal....

So I'd love to know......what do you do? If anything, as Daily Practice? Would love to hear how you start your day the Pagan Way????      


  1. Before the depression I had an awesome daily practice that included yoga, meditation, showering, anointing, lighting of candles, and the changing of waters....sigh. Now, it's more simplified and slowly building. though i don't think it'll be the same. Now it's more of a get up, take a shower, acknowledge the altars, do a bit of maintenance, open the blinds, the door, and the windows (if it's nice outside), talk to my Hestia statue and give thanks to the Spirits, pull a blanket around me, and get on the computer. Dinner. Tea. Sketch. Maybe meditate later and do a healing session. Slowly by surely. Oh, and I do write in my mundane and magik journal almost everyday. :-) The Pagan life is infused with magik, it's all around me. Just about everything I do, I have spirituality in mind. Or so I try. ~)O(~

  2. Wake up and stretch and smile at my body and thank it for everything ... then get up and shower, in the shower I say my affirmations, get dressed, come downstairs and stand in front of my working altar and give thanks for the day to come .. go to work, come home, eat tea and journal, then bath, chakra cleanse and meditation and then bed .... ohhh Rune and card draw somewhere in there too - that would be my perfect day! love bunni x x x

  3. Like you Sam, I can share with you my 'ideal' but like any busy mum this isn't always what happens, but the best thing is the longer I've been walking my path the smaller the gaps of time are between my ideal days :-)
    What I love about my chosen practices is that they are always there and I know that they work,and if I have ever wandered off for a few days I can come right back to them
    So at the very least I practice my morning mantras, 3 Sanskrit mantras that have been suggested by my Guru as being the most benigicial to chant each day. I then practice a few gentle asana and some pranayama, candles and incense are a given of course, I also anoint myself either with chalice well water or my moon blend oils to connect me with the Goddess.
    In the words of Swami Pragyamurti I do this as "it colours my day they way I want it "

  4. Unfortunately I do not have a daily routine in my practice. I've recently read the term Pagan ADD... that's me LOL my daily routine is often flying by the seat of my pants!

    I love your blog and have nominated you for an award. Come by and grab the award for your page :)

  5. A prayer upon rising (Sigfrid's prayers, adapted) and an acknowledgement of thanks for each meal goes a long way in a busy day to incorporating your spirituality into everyday life. Also, daily meditations - I prefer in the evenings, as mornings are tough for me. Spending some time out in the garden if I can't get out to the wilds every day - noticing the new leaves, what is fading and dying, the changes of the colour, the changes of the light. Watching where the sun and moon rise every day. x