Thursday, 1 August 2013


Lammas is hanging heavy in the air, 
Heavy, thick, like the pendulous breasts of a ripe rounded woman.
The dust from John Barelycorn fills the air,
Making it almost misty in the sunshine.

The balmy heat of the first risen sun,
Brings the promise of what's to come.
A glorious day filled with golden eared corn.
The white heart shaped dog rose petals, fallen upon the path.
Filling my journey with LOVE as I walk.

Dew covered cobwebs dance across the barleys beard,
The sunrise filling the fields with amber light.
A deer takes flight, bouncing across the field,
White tail held high, magic dancing from its hooves with every leap.
Crow soars above holding court and a heron glides past, carrying his message on the wing.
The beauty of this morning sings.

The land at this harvest is spectacular. Without meaning to repeat myself, balmy, hazy and golden. Don't waste these days of summer.
Fill them with folly, lovers, family and friends. These are precious times, make memories. Be grateful for that which we have, we can always dream for more, but take time for now!

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