Tuesday, 5 March 2013


6.30am 05/03/13

I do love this time of year, the snowdrops in their little clusters, daffodils tightly waiting to burst with golden colour and the blackthorn coming out into its frothy splendor.  It also means that we start taking the dogs out for their walk earlier in the morning, which in turn means we start seeing the beautiful sunrises and catch a glimpse of the local beasties starting and finishing their days. We're more likely to see the rabbits scampering around, heading to their warrens as we turn a corner, or catch a fleeting glimpse of the Roe Deer as his head goes up when he catches a whiff of my dogs or see Mr Fox in all his copper glory as we disturb his rabbit hunting.

I'm always being very hard upon myself as to my daily practice  How I 'should' be rising at 6am and sitting in front of my altar, chanting, meditating or saying my mantra, which I do enjoy doing but struggle to actually do! Or not running around preparing lunches and breakfast, picking up the pj's my kiddies leave strewn on the floor as we dash out the door on the school run!  Which means I don't feel like I've done any spiritual practice at all!!! BUT I am beginning to realise that I DO have a daily spiritual practice, but it can be eclectic.

Everyday, at some point, I am out walking on my local land. Everyday I give honour to that land and its creatures, the Jay, Green Woodpecker, Heron, Roe, Rabbits and Fox (plus many other birds too). Its even more magical those mornings I am up at 6am and you catch the sunrise, especially through the misty haze. At that time of the morning I'm pretty much the only one out there, I can walk around in pure reverence. Sing songs and chant to the land or use my Elen Mantra to add a depth to my walking meditation. Because that's what it is. My daily walking meditation, witnessing the changing of the seasons and the turning of the wheel.

I have my beautiful Source statue in the kitchen and whenever I'm cooking there's always a candle lit in Her. My Altar in my dining room has incense and candles a-burning too. Sometimes, when I have a few quiet minutes to myself, I might journal or blog which are always of a spiritual nature. So I do have to be a bit kinder to myself really and accept that my 'ideal' of a daily practice, obviously isn't ideal and what I do actually do everyday is what comes naturally and therefore right for me.

So what's right for you? 

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