Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Winters Kiss

As the days started brightening
and the Spring dance began.
The Snow Dragon had other ideas,
so hatched out a plan.

He watched as the flowers came forth
and the bird song was sang.
As the land began quickening
 and the ewes dropped their lambs.

He wanted not, to give up his winter white crown.
Or allow the Land to wear her bright greening gown.
So as the clouds grew and the night it drew in.
To the sky he did take, beating his wings.

Dragon touched each cloud with an icy white breath,
and as he flew higher a biting wind blew.
But try as he might the flowers they still bloomed,
and in sheer frustration he knew what to do.

To prove he was mightier, a grand Winters King,
He threw himself down and blanketed Spring.
His white scales they did glisten, oh how they did span,
A last Winters Kiss across the whole land.

Snow Dragon Scales


  1. Replies
    1. I did write it, thank you :o) Inspired after I took that photo this morning!