Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My Beltane

A 3.30am start!!!!

As I always tell myself....must be mental  ;o) But after making a phone call to the local tourist information to gain Sun Up and High Tide times, yesterday. I found out one of our local Morris Groups  the Maldon Greenjackets Met on Mayday to 'dance up' the sun. Well it would have been rude not to go along huh??? I had no idea the group did this, so was very excited to go along! Suzi, JoJo, Lily, Rain and Lisa decided to come join me too. So with drums, many layers and blankets we headed to Maldon Prom to wait the arrival of the Sun.

It was still fairly dark when we arrived but the false dawn was brewing. So we huddled into a shelter and had ourselves a coffee. The waning moon was still very much in view and sat beautifully on show above one of the trees.

The Morris started arriving, along with fiddle, squeeze box and recorder players, plus a lady from another village with a white pony and trap! Rhiannon's energy brought to the fore too. We had a little drum every now and again....although my drum wasn't very happy about the early start and was REALLY flat. After a couple of dances the sun started to show itself on the horizon, so we turned and watched as it crept up the sky. One of the ladies from the Morris came over to wish us all a Happy Beltane, which was lovely! 

I went and stood on the beach/shore line as the sun emerged and made my own silent honouring before going back to watch a little more of the Green Jackets as they continued to dance up that sunrise. We couldn't have asked for a better morning in all honesty! A bit nippy yes, but so very clear! 

After a little bit more drumming and bidding farewell to the girls, I did my usual morning routines and then took my dogs out onto my land. My usual trackways and lanes. The sun was well and truly up and it was really warm. There such a fantastic amount of bird activity around at the moment, unfortunately as I came out of my house we found a very, very tiny baby bird dead on my cars bonnet. Then out on one of my lanes a brown speckled egg smashed open on the ground but, on a more positive note, the hedgerows are so full of their song. The air was alive and almost crackling with energy this morning and the air so thick with the scent of 'the greening'. That smell of the new, fresh green shoots and leaves that have been warmed by the morning sun, so deliciously fragrant!!!

As I continued my walk I was all of a sudden distracted by a call, a very distinct call....I say distinct because I didn't instantly name the bird but it resonated really deep within me. When I looked up to see what had made it, a Jay flew, no glided above my head. A real moment, I could see him so clearly, each feather and colour and he gently called as he continued  along his journey!

I now realise completely that the Jay is my totem bird, I have others, but right now he is at my forefront. I must set some time aside to work more deeply with its energy, but they obviously have a very powerful message for me right now. I'm seeing them more and more this year and having stronger and stronger connections every time I do see them. Beautiful, beautiful bird. very, very blessed!

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