Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Elen Prayer Flags

So if your a friend on Facebook you maybe bored of this blog already ;o) But for the last couple of weeks I've had my head down and been busily creating a new range of Prayer Flags and Goddess Banners dedicated to Elen of the ways.

What I thought might be nice, is to blog about them here and show each individual flag and what the symbols represent.  So the above picture is the whole set together, nine flags in all their Elen-y glory! I'll start with the central flag and work outwards.....

The Antlered Spiral Heart

Elen, Reindeer and Deer are related to Love and specifically the Heart Chakra. I use a lot of Heart Chakra opening with my workshops dedicated to Elen for this reason too. Nothing like Love to break down barriers! Spirals have always featured heavily and pretty much in every piece of artwork I've created, its one of my signatures. Spirals are the symbol of Life, in my opinion, and hence why they find their way into my animal works especially. This and the main Elen design are the symbols to me that encompass all that is Elen of the Trackways. Meditate upon this symbol to open your Heart Chakra.

The Spiral

As I just mentioned above, The Spiral is a symbol that appears throughout all of my workings. It’s the essence and energy of life, the ever Spiralling cycle of Mother Nature. Whenever I think of Life Esscence and energies in the land. I always see it as a Spiral, not sure why, just always have. Spirals and Labyrinths are of HUGE importance to me within my Spiritual Practise. Meditate upon this symbol to bring energy and vitality into your life.

Shed Antler and Tracks

A single shed Antler along the Path. A symbol of release, we all leave our marks/tracks along the road. The shed Antler shows how we all grow and release along our Life’s Journey. Female reindeer are the only antlered female deer. They also keep their antlers longer than the males before they shed them, so they can protect their offspring during winter from predators. A reindeers antler is akin to a fingerprint and they can be recognised by their shape and style, each year growing the same but bigger. I feel, that Elen's link with reindeer is natural because her being an Antlered Goddess and the female reindeer being antlered. That and deer/reindeer trackways, being repeatedly used over generations, it all links beautifully to Elen. Ancient reindeer trackways can be found deep with UK's land, migrational paths that have probably been present since a time before we became an island. Whenever I dwell on that it gives me goosebumps....Elen's prescence within my lands for all that time, yet so elusive and almost forgotten! Meditate upon this symbol for what needs releasing and what growth you can bring into your life. 

Circle within a Circle

This symbol was gifted to me at one of my Elen Retreats last Mabon. The lovely Phil and Lynne of Shamanic Druidry came along to lead everyone in a Rattle making workshop. We journeyed to receive symbols to henna onto our Rattles this was one (along with a Antlered Deer head) that I received. Circles are often seen as protective symbols. Standing within a circle shields a person from supernatural dangers or influences outside of the circle. Conversely, a circle can also be containing, keeping that which is inside from being released. Its also the symbol of the sacred hoop/ring, an integral part of the Sacred Drum. Meditate upon this symbol if you feel protection is needed in your life.   

Elen of the Track Ways 

This symbol is the embodiment of Elen. Lady of the Track ways, Guardian of your Pathway, Walker of the Antlered Road. Along Her pathway are a trail of stars, hearts and spirals. This is the symbol I have tattoo'd upon my wrist calling, passion and all I dedicate my works too. Call to Elen when direction along your Life’s Path is needed.

Elen of the Trackways Prayer Flags can be purchased here at Etsy


  1. Elen of the ways is my patron Goddess and I absolutely LOVE your flags. Do you mind if I use your design in my BOS? you can email your response in my fb page at, I would greatly appreciate it. If you can't join me there, maybe you could send me a quick email at aafrw2a at yahoo dot com. Thanks. I would really love a response.