Friday, 3 February 2012


Last night I spent an amazing time amongst the ancestors. 

In a very unknown, unused ancient Temple of East Anglia, a site of great importance in days gone by. With excavations showing it to have been used in the Bronze Age and Iron Age, by Anglo Saxons, Celts and most obviously the Romans. I say most obviously because its the the Roman temple remains that stand out the most. An ancient rivers flows near by, a grand oak stands watch near (many a story to be told from that old man) and processions of people can be seen and felt amongst the land.

There was a feeling of great importance, of triangular energy, spirals and the stirring of ancestors been woken from their long sleep. A warriors breath on the back of your neck and the wiry, guarding energy of youth and protection. Shadows moved in the corner of your eye, but the residing feeling was that of peace and gratitude for people returning to honour those gone before us. Drum and voice were brought along, but no raucous celebration was needed. This was a place of rediscovery, quickening and awakenings, a gentle rebirth was all that was required. Imbolc being that ideal energy.

Above us the waxing lady moon was luminating bright with Cassiopeia, The Plough and Orion hanging in the inky sky, joining in the triangle of energy. At times you could stand at the Altar Stone, the pond barrow to your right, the celtic works to your left and Minerva's Temple in front and see the rippling of an ember coloured light surrounding the whole area. Almost acting as a  protection from the untoward energise that may seep from the modern industrial structures surrounding its outside edges.

We laid offerings upon the Altar Stone, our drums, swan feathers, cauldrons of incense, flowers and crosses of Brighid. The Ancestors knew we were there, you could almost feel them opening one eye from their sleep just to keep a check on us. But realising we had just come to give our Blessings to The Land.  They snuggled back down to rest again, waiting for that energy to keep burning brighter, waiting for the right time to fully awaken.

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